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Tell more people about your business, and therefore sell more, whether you are a ….. Butcher, Baker or Candlestick Maker

Don’t be shy. Be more visible.  This applies to any self-employed business/service, such as a beautician, chiropodist, handy-man, gardener, painter/decorator, plasterer, caterer, yoga teacher, tutor, tearoom, cake maker, delicatessen, – the list is endless and growing daily.

Especially in these Coronavirus Covid-19 times, very often enterprising businesses work from, or are at, home providing a fantastic service but it can be hard to get the message out to the locals.  The more people you ‘Tell’ the more you can ‘Sell’ yourself.

If you have a great business and people need to know about it, why not give more exposure about:

  • your opening hours
  • your telephone number and postcode
  • the name(s) and photo(s) of your team
  • the latest news or events
  • special offers

You can do this three ways with Tell More Sell More on the Crick Business Directory.

1.  Advertise 24×7 in my shop window on the High Street in Crick with huge amounts of passing local traffic, in an A5 frame, including a strapline that sums up who you are (example shown below).

2.  Advertise 24×7 on my website, here at, via the Tell More Sell More Crick Small Business Directory. You can include valuable and comprehensive information and photographs representing you and your business. This option is ideal if you don’t want the hassle of setting up and maintaining your own website.

3. Gain exposure on my Facebook page, A&A @ No.7 Crick, Not only does A&A represent Art & Adornments but Ask & Answer for the Crick Business Directory.

The three options above are not relying on printed advertising in local news publications, that is so last century, and a gamble as to whether a) it gets read b) whether your small advert is spotted or c) if it is binned or composted without a second glance!

There are brilliant small initiatives/businesses, just like yours, that are waiting to be discovered more widely – all you need is more exposure to “tell customers near and far about how good you are”.

“Help me get the word out about what I provide” I hear you say.  Tell More Sell More wants to help.

It’s amazing how much extra business can be generated 24/7 from an informative entry on a website, social media, or exposure in a shop window – it is working for you whilst you are ‘off duty’ relaxing.

It is the equivalent to continually handing out your business cards in villages, towns and cities.

For information on how I can increase the awareness of your business phone Jeanette on 07932 999192, email [email protected] – I am based at No.7 High Street, Crick, Northamptonshire, NN6 7TS.

I have been living in the village of Crick, Northamptonshire since 2012 and countless times I have been asked for recommendations about local trades and skills. As social media has increased, especially Facebook, I’m continually reading how locals are asking for recommendations for dog walkers, baby sitters, places to eat, carpenters, car mechanics, tearooms the list is endless.

The village is filled with experience but it is hard to easily locate names and contact details – there is the Post Office noticeboard or Facebook, but not everyone is signed up to Facebook’s ‘Crick Noticeboard’ and even then the post giving answers to recommendations is yesterday’s news and lost until the next request is posted.

Your display in my shop window or an entry on this website and Facebook page represents you all hours of the day and night.

Tell More Sell More can help if your business/skill involves:

Beauty – manicurists, pedicurists, Indian Head massages, hairstylists etc.

House maintenance – decorators, plasterers, plumbers, electricians, roofers, chimney sweeps, boiler servicing or installations etc.

Garden maintenance – tree surgeons, landscape gardeners, fencing etc.

Builders – extensions, new builds, restorations etc.

Education – home tutors (all ages/subjects), yoga instructors, Mindfulness classes, dancing/ballet, music/singing teachers, art/paper-craft classes etc.

Care/sitting – for babies, children, pets etc.

Hospitality/entertainment – pubs, restaurants, tearooms, caterers, bakers, delicatessens, pavilions, village halls.

Crafts – artists, glass designers, school markets, upholsterers.

Above is a small list of example skills that I’ve come across, or requested information on, but there will be many more hidden talents in Crick, the nearby villages, or local towns such as Long Buckby, West Haddon East Haddon, Weedon, Daventry, Rugby, Lutterworth, Northampton or Leicester.

Tell More Sell More customers are able to provide text and photographs on the Crick Business Directory to highlight the areas you think are your assets – this could be a photo of you, your team, the business, the products, anything related to your business AND your all important contact details, address/map and opening hours.

Tell More Sell More will work with you to suggest contents, gain your approval and then make it live within 7 days of instruction – we will then provide a service to maintain the content changes you require.

If you live in Crick or the surrounding area, why not add your service or business to this Crick Small Business Directory page with a brief description of what you offer, along with your contact details.

Here are a couple of examples:

Cherry Picked Choices – Your own property finder in Northamptonshire and North Devon will do the hard work of sourcing a shortlist of suitable options, so that you can just do the fun viewings, or get CPC to view on your behalf and produce a report to save your time.

Telephone Jeanette on 07932 999192

Art & Adornments – Treat yourself or a loved one to art, ornaments, small furniture, giftware, cards and so much more to cherish.

Telephone Jeanette on 07932 999192

Admin Take Away – Let someone else do your paperwork, filing, typing, mailings, document/form design, and website/social media updates.

Telephone Jeanette at Tell More Sell More on 07932 999192 for a free phone consultation, to discuss the best options for getting your business exposed to new customers.

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